IIM-C Interview Experience

Venue: Delhi Afternoon slot
My Profile B.tech(IT) 2013 pass out with 3+ experience 2.5 in Infosys Bangalore and Rest in Genpact Gurgaon
WAT Topic: It is suggested to use university faculty, students, education institutes to improve digital finance literacy. would it be effective and what other means you could suggest for achieving that?

Panel D5, I was the first one to be interviewed, But went to washroom after WAT and by the time I came back interview already started :p
This made me all nervous, took 10 15 long breaths.

the interview started 2:15 entered room with form and document folder in one hand and bag in another (doný know why I carried bag inside)
Disclaimer: it was mainly related to my work/hobbies/personal stuff so you can skip reading it if you are looking for some possible questions 🙂

Greeted them good afternoon with a big smile.
3 panelist from left to right:
p1 –> male in Early 30s most probable alumni
p2 –> Mam may be in the late 40s
p3 –> seemed like IIMC professor in early 60s

P2 –> tell us about yourself apart from what is mentioned in form
Me: Told about my birthplace a village on banks of Yamuna river in Faridabad, she thought it is in UP. told no it’s in Haryana
p2: asked what Faridabad is famous for
Me: talked about mechanical and electrical manufacturing industries, Sonu Nigam
then continued my intro told about how I was a Hindi medium student and then got selected in JNV and was a crucial point in my life to change to English medium school.
talked about my passion for reading, told how I enjoy coordinating events; was a placement coordinator in college and also part of a
event committee in the current organization
talked about how I was interested in MBBS and cleared CBSE PMT Prelims and was waitlisted in mains
She asked then how engineering happened, explained personal reasons.
P3: asked about my work in Infosys, what I did there
me: explained about how I was part of analytics unit and what my role was as a campaign coordinator
p3: Asked what I do in current organization
Me: explained both technical and business aspect
p3: both seems similar why changed job
Me: explained how I was part of telecom now wanted to increase breadth in my work so switched to Banking and finance domain
p3: why not internal job change
Me: told how projects were not available
p2: what difference do you find between telecom and basic
me: explained 3 points difference about products, services and per customer value and few other things, here I pitched in about my interest in marketing and how I wanted to start my own venture.
p2: have you taken any MOOC courses on marketing
me: told about no I haven’t, I have taken some technical courses.
p1: since you are part of KPO industry what changes in current world can affect this Indian industry
me: talked about how automation can kill jobs gave an example of few automation projects in my current job role
p1: anything else
me: talked about some intelligent tools for marketing
p1: something on technical related to current changes
p2: like what is happening in France
me: I was like what happened in France, but our industry is based on USA UK mainly.
p3: she said yes I meant to say USA UK
me: I talked about trump’s protectionist policies and Brexit and how can these impact our jobs.( 2 3 mins discussion)
p1, p2 Seemed satisfied after this
p3: asked about reading what does I like to read. Last book I read
Me: currently reading Th autobiography of a yogi, completed the Moon and the Sixpence before that (p3 smiled on hearing this book)
p3: tell me its story and why you find it interesting
Me: told, also told how Thinking Fast and slow was my fav book
p2: asked about it’s Author
me: explained who he was and how he won the noble prize for his work in behavioral economics
p2: asked about book and why it is named fast and slow
then there was some 3 4 mins discussion on it about 2 systems of mind and how biases are formed. She asked me to explain few experiments from that book
explained few examples of Present Bias and Loss Aversion Bias etc.
p1: your interview is over
Me: ???
p3: According to this book, we have biases so just when you entered we had decided and your interview was over at that time only.
Me: But Sir, that’s the benefit of reading this book that we can be aware of our biases and we can change out decisions, so I think my interview is not over yet.
All started laughing

p2: it’s all serious reading any light stuff, you have mentioned detective novels in your form fantasy novels.
p3: have you read Tolkien
me: told I have watched movies but I have read Belgariad series by David Eddings
talked about Sherlock holmes and Hercules Poirot. mentioned how I started reading with Hindi novels.
p2: do you read Hindi novels now or do you anyone in your circle who reads.
Me: No
P2: why and why do you think it is happening, and how can it be improved
Me: explained how no of English speakers are more all over the world so chances of exposure are more. Also, movies are being made on novels which in turn increase their sale, talked about harry potter movies and it’s book sales after that. Also talked about how Amish Tripathi promoted his movie by releasing teasers and trailers along with movies. Told how innovative marketing and rewards system for Hindi and other regional books can help them. Also talked about they should be promoted more in the curriculum.
p3: but is it necessary at all to promote them or revive them, why not let things take a natural course and how today speaking English fluently is considered a mark of intelligence.
me: talked about how rich our history and culture is and to write them in books can provide so many different perspectives and knowledge. And how they can be effectively translated into native language only not English. I gave some examples here, how essence get lost in translation.
They seemed satisfied here.
p1: any previous attempts of cat
me: told how I screwed last year in DILR with 66 percentile

P3: any questions here
me: sir no questions but I wanted to talk about why I really want to do MBA.I talked about my dream of opening a school for underprivileged children.
when they asked me the reason why I wanted to do that. I told them about my personal struggles and how that has inspired me.( got really passionate/emotional here)
They asked that you can do without MBA
Told since it would be a nonprofit, so I need money and for that, i want to start my own marketing services firm and I need an MBA to land a good marketing job.

P3: You have achieved a lot in your life and you should be proud of yourself.

Said goodbyes.

The interview took 30 Minutes.


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